Cindy Wilson is a Las Vegas, NV based Photographer. She currently makes her living as a Tour Director but aspires to much more. To combine Travel with Photography is her dream.

Cindy has had a camera since she got her very first Brownie Box Camera at the age of seven. And has been shooting ever since. Travel has also been an important part of her life. In 1969 she traveled with others from her high school on a People to People Student Ambassador Tour of northern Europe and the USSR. This gave her the desire to learn from and experience the world. One of her favorite quotes is "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness" by Mark Twain.

Cindy has become the master of the "Grab Shot". Because, when she is working as a Tour Director, she usually only has a few minutes to take a few images before resuming her work or taking photos of her guests with their cameras. She can't wait for the perfect light, cannot always move to the best position, etc. But her job allows her to travel to a variety of places each year. In her blog and galleries, her guest and others can relive these tours with her.

On her vacations, she would love to travel on custom tours or on photography dedicated expeditions. But this is usually out of the budget or just not safe or practical to travel on her own. So she has joined "normal" tours to get her where she wants to go. But, Cindy has learned to be resourceful to get the unique shots she wants while the other tour members are doing "normal" things - eating, sleeping, etc. But "getting the shot" is always worth a few skipped meals or a few hours less sleep. Follow her Blog to see some of the unusual ways she has learned to enjoy her vacations.

Her goal is to eventually plan and lead small groups on custom, affordable tours, to be posted shortly. Her specialties are Nature, Landscape and Travel Photography.

Enjoy her images from around Las Vegas, around the United States and around the World!